VALDOSTA, Ga. – Reviving the explosive slogan of the Obama campaign, John (The U-Can! Man) Isom stresses to readers: “Yes We Can!” Through the retelling of his life journey in Return To Honor: A Soldier Story: Never Ever Give Up! (published by AuthorHouse), the new nonfiction book, written with Lorraine Thomas, Isom delivers the promise of hope, renewed faith and self-reliance.

Empowering and honest, Isom reflects upon the true events that transpired March 11, 1999, when he was fired from his recruiting section at the height of his unit’s success. From this point, Isom had to endure the trials of an extremely hostile military environment in which he faced the possibility of being thrown out of the military after 17 years of receiving excellent reviews and evaluations of his performance, without the possibility of retirement. It is Isom’s belief that it was only by God’s grace that he is able to retire after serving more than 25 years of active duty with his honor restored.

Return To Honor: A Soldier Story is both an inspiring true-life story and an invaluable resource for those looking for hope during trying times when the need to face all obstacles is the most demanding. Isom writes:

Did you know that you have the power to turn your dreams and ambitions into your life’s guiding force, to begin every day with strong motivation and end every day with strong satisfaction, to communicate effectively so you can guide and minister to others? Through a lifetime of experience serving God, Giving Hope to others, I have learned the secrets that will allow anyone to unlock his or her true potential, and I would love to share these HOPE secrets with you … The Lord has assured us that nothing is impossible, and no matter where you come from or what you’re attempting to achieve, it is my belief that U-CAN!

Isom’s journey resulted in a renewed belief in God’s plan and the power of relying on him and on family. Now the founder of the U-CAN! Man ministry in Valdosta, Ga, Isom remains dedicated to spreading the message of Christ and letting the men and women of God know that they can do whatever God says they can do. More so, Return To Honor: A Soldier Story serves as a rallying call for United States citizens and the government during these trying times, encouraging readers to believe in themselves and God in order to turn things around.

John Isom was born in Thomasville, Ga., and has served in the army for more than 25 years of active duty. He and his wife, Karen, have four children and live in Valdosta, Ga. Return To Honor: A Soldier Story is his first published book.


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