Alvin Darling & Celebration: YOU Deserve My Worship

Alvin Darling grew up in the church when his grandmother began taking him to what is now Smith Memorial COGIC in Newark NJ. He began singing at an early age. As a teenager he was a member of Deliverance Evangelistic Center under the pastorate of Rev. A. Skinner where he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. In 1975 he became of member of Greater Mt. Zion Holy Church under the pastorate of the late Bishop-Elect Charlie W. Bullock. Alvin received his call to the ministry in 1979. Alvin served as an associate minister at Greater Mt. Zion Holy Church, Cranford, NJ, until October 2001 when he became Pastor of Greater Mt. Zion, Cranford, NJ, and Old Ship of Zion Church, Center Moriches, NY.

As Alvin grew, he transitioned from singing solos and joined a quartet group. While singing quartet, he traveled extensively and subsequently he formed his own group, the Alvin Darling Ensemble, presently known as Alvin Darling & Celebration. Alvin and Celebration have performed at the world renown Carnegie Hall, as well as at the Meadowlands. Alvin and Celebration have shared the stage with such greats as the late James Cleveland, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Williams Brothers, Traimaine Hawkins, Vicky Winans, John P. Kee, Kirk Franklin, Timothy Wright and many other great artists.

Alvin Darling has become a well established writer in the gospel arena. To name a few: “Won’t Let Go” for Shirley Caesar; “Holding On” and “He Keeps on Blessing Me” for Albertina Walker; “Victory Is Mine”, “Somebody Prayed for Me”, “Have Your Way Lord”, and “The Storm Is Almost Gone” for Dorothy Norwood; “Live by the Word” for Donald Molloy; “God Can”, “I Am What God Says I Am” and “He’s All Over Me” for Bishop Jeff Banks and the Revival Temple Community Choir. His own project featuring the cut “God Is Good” has reached phenomenal sales, air play and chart success.

Alvin directed “He’s All Over Me” performed by a mass choir from New Jersey at Carnegie Hall. He has sang at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Alvin has been blessed to have his song “He’s All Over Me” in the movie “The Preacher’s Wife”. This cut on the “Preacher’s Wife” soundtrack is performed by Whitney Houston and Shirley Caesar. Alvin has travelled to Germany and Holland to lift up the name of Jesus in song and to share his love of Jesus. Alvin was featured in a Volkswagon commercial in Holland (along with Rev. Milton Biggham and Donald Molloy). This commercial was aired in Europe. Alvin Darling & Celebration sang at the closing cermonies for the Goodwill Games. There they shared the stage with former President Jimmy Carter and Geraldine Ferraro.

For all that God has done through Alvin’s music ministry as well his pastoral ministry, he says to God be the glory and he gives God all the praise and all the honor!


“All Night is a good, foot stomping, just having a good time song. Reminds me of good old church.”
James Wallace, WXTC, Charleston, SC

“This new song is still traditional, but a refreshing traditional. Everyone from all genres can enjoy it.”
Sam Dennis. WJNI, Charleston, SC

“Alvin is making some noise in Mobile, a long time coming. It’s a great project and the audience grabbed it as soon as it hit the airways.”
Felicia Allbritton. WGOK, Mobile, AL

“Powerful church project. I put it in heavy rotation the first day we got it. Classic choir song.”
Mike Chandler. WFMI, Virginia Beach, VA

“It is so Alvin Darling. Not only will people hear it, but they will also feel it. This touches people where they live.”
Lydia Goodin. WMBM, Miami, FL

“Absolutely love it. Response has been so overwhelming that kids in the area are asking about it. Alvin really has a good one on his hands this time.”
James Simon. WBLX, Mobile, AL

“We felt the heat before we took the wrapper off! Powerful and anointed!”
Gwendolyn Riley. WGRM, Greenwood, MS

“Good old fashion church in 2005”
Rodney Evans. WCLK, Atlanta, GA

“I predict it will be the #1 song of the year at this station. It is the most requested record and people are stopping me on the street asking the name of this song and who sings it. This song is ON FIRE!”
Sylvester McPherson. WBIL, Tuskegee, AL

“This is a refreshing church song. Church is our foundation, and this record helps us maintain our roots.”
Joe Ramirez. KCJH, Stockton, CA

“This project is AWESOME, LOVES IT. It has impact and gets your attention. There is sure to be lots of calls on this one.”
Tom Alexander. WLVV, Mobile, AL

“It’s a spirit filled music that touches the soul when you listen to it. Sounds like back home gospel.”
Simone Malone. WPEB. Philadelphia, PA

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